Laura Mosher

Laura is a Mental Health advocate, international public speaker, and software engineer. She adores animals and is the caretaker of Jackie the rescue dog and Piper the rescue cat.

Refactoring for Better Environment Configuration in Python 3

I recently started a Python project. I’ve only done a very small amount of Python in my career, and so learning the best practices of Python on the fly has been a real struggle. One of my biggest learning moments was understanding appropriate ways to manage environment configuration. This was compounded by the fact that …

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The Mana Theory

A gamer-friendly analogy for describing and understanding Mental Illness, such as depression and anxiety. This gamer theory is meant to provide readers an understanding of the impact that having a mental illness in a way that is understandable through an already known context. Based on popular terminology for role-playing games (RPGs), this theory also provides common terminology for communicating state of mind with others.

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