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I have over a decade of professional software engineering experience leading and managing teams, building applications, and mentoring others. I am a growth mindset individual with an intense desire to learn, grow, teach, and mentor.

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Work Experience

July 2020 - Present

Laura Mosher LLC

Founder and Principal Consultant

I founded Laura Mosher LLC to continue freelance consulting as my full time job.

See what I can do for you at

November 2019 - July 2020


Freelance Consultant.

Contract-based consulting on your project needs. I partner with you and your team on your business and project goals, create a detailed project plan, and help build your dreams.

October 2018 - December 2019


Staff Software Engineer.

Culture Contribution
– Encouraged the adoption of a Company Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics to augment the company’s core values.
– Hosted open pairing hours for anyone in the company. Some examples of topics: helping goal set for all-level career developers; pair programming on features in React, Go, and Ruby; digging into weird bugs; and knowledge transfers.

Company Success Contributions
– Continuously made improvements to internal tooling, increasing productivity and day-to-day interactions for our support staff.
– Regularly interacted with Support staff, answering their questions to better serve our customers.
– Mentored other developers and engineers in technical skills and creating career goals for short-, mid-, and long-term.
– Offered insights and ideas for improving different areas of the product and company, such as better auditing.
– Aided our Sales staff with their Salesforce integration, increasing confidence in marketing and outreach opportunities.

Technical Contribution
– Regularly collaborated with team members, department heads, and principal engineers on new features across all functional areas in the product.
– Led and collaborated on Enterprise features, such as SSO, JIT, and SCIM, and support Enterprise customers with their questions.
– Continually unblocked colleagues by doing twice-daily code reviews, pairing when requested or needed, and kept open Slack / Calendar policies.
– Implemented billing portal in preparation for the new PSD2 Payment Regulations, to ensure the company can continue accepting payments from our EU customers.
– Contributed to thorough and extensive documentation.
– Planned, built, and introduced a 2-Year term subscription plan model for Enterprise customers.
– Helped manage and support Sales with code integration between Salesforce and Abstract.

March 2018 - September 2018

Planning Center Online

Senior Software Engineer.

– Created and implemented TeamTrain, an open source Slack application that creates a virtual break room chat.
Designed and built new, well-engineered features to bring to customers, working effectively in a highly cohesive team.
– Continuously kept developer documentation up-to-date and contributed with new information.
– Contributed ideas and strategies toward the company vision, such as Mental Health policies and remote work relationship building.
– Encouraged mentorship programs to be established for growth and development of new and current employees.

February 2015 - February 2018

Collective Idea

Senior Software Engineer.

– Partnered closely with clients on their projects, solving their problem with well thought out technical solutions.
– Consistently delivered high-quality code and documentation to the client.
– Facilitated weekly one-on-one’s: set goals, provided accountability, created calm and trusting environments for productive conversation.
– Integrator for the Internship Program: mentored interns, encouraged and coached employees on mentoring interns, ensured program was meeting goals, and set and ran weekly meetings.
– Contributed to company-created open source repositories.

August 2014 - January 2015


Software Consultant.

– Advised other project leads on programming best practices, security practices, and design input.
– Created and implemented a development process for Ruby on Rails development, including code reviews and approvals.
– Developed and implemented a deployment process with Ops and our clients for quick and consistent deploys while maintaining the highest level of communication.
– Added robust features and fixed gnarly bugs in an evolving server API.
– Designed a plan for unifying several paths of the server API and aided in designing the strategy for scaling the server API.
– Implemented the Works With Nest partner integration.

July 2013 - July 2014

Cerner Corporation

Ruby Consultant and Software Engineer.

– Implemented multiple aspects of an evolving healthcare Ruby on Rails application.
– Provided Ruby technical expertise to the team.
– Collaborated with development team on new features and bug fixes.
– Regularly led demos of new feature work for stakeholders.
– Worked on a two-week agile system with development release cycles.
– Synchronized external services API into Ruby objects for use in the application.
– Attended daily scrum meetings, bi-weekly iteration checkups, and bi-weekly story pointing and iteration planning meetings.

January 2012 - June 2013

Davenport University

Web Developer.

– Created, designed, and implemented fully functional and versatile web applications both as a team and individually.
– Provided support and applications for a variety of departments on campus.
– Managed and supported both current and legacy applications as needed.
– Provided GREAT Customer Service through ticketing system and project correspondences.

May 2011


Graduated from Calvin College with a Bachelors of Computer Science.

Spring 2008 - Spring 2011

Calvin College

Teachers Assistant

January 2011 - March 2011

Open Systems Technology

Programming Intern.

June 2010 - December 2010

Calvin College Information Technology

Junior Systems Engineer.

March 2010 - August 2010

Acton Institute

Web Programming Intern

Summer 2009

Professional Computing Resources (PCR)

Web Developer Intern

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