Melvin Laplanche

Laura is one of the best engineers I ever worked with! She’s extremely detail-oriented, writes high-quality code and she’s always on top of everything. She’s a very quick learner that becomes an extremely valuable asset in no time after joining a company.

Not only she’s a great engineer but she’s also amazing at sharing her knowledge. She values communication and documentation. She’s the kind of person that is quickly recognized in a company and gets praised by everyone for being helpful. Not only by engineers but by all the departments.

Laura is also a great human. She will spend time to help anyone, on anything, and mentor other engineers. If you need her, she’ll be there for you. Her calendar is always open to anyone.
She’s a breath of fresh air. Unlike most engineers I’ve met and worked with, she’s not just here to do the bare minimum and cash her checks. She cares about her work and its impact, she cares about tech debt, she cares about her teammates. She will always go the extra mile to make sure everything works as intended. She understands the implication of her work on the business and will make sure that her work aligns with what the business need, asking questions and talking to the right people if she thinks something is unclear, poorly spec’d, or subject to interpretation.

I’m grateful that I get to work with her, and hope this won’t change anytime soon!

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